Here’s what some readers had to say about our inaugural issue.

Dementia Connections - Fall 2017

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for coming out with Dementia Connections. Any Information we can give to our seniors and families is an extra piece of knowledge that we, and they, can arm themselves with to advocate for better care and better communication. I found your edition very reader-friendly, with helpful articles and positive information and resources. I like that you have incorporated private as well as public services and information. One real positive is seeing the visual picture icons along with the word headings. It really allows our population not just one way to recognize what they would be looking for. One of the things I’d like to see in future editions may be information or strategies for communication, as well how to ask questions or talk to your doctor regarding your diagnosis.

Thank you again.

Ceilia Wong, MSW, RSW
Social Work - Seniors Health 


A couple weeks ago, I picked up Dementia Connections. I want to thank you for so much information. It’s wonderful to be more aware of this serious illness. 

Thanks again,

Joe McGinn

Dear Lisa,

My husband was diagnosed with dementia in April 2010. He had to be moved into a LTC in April 2013 as I was his sole caregiver. I was burnt out and had to make the life-changing decision to place him in a LTC facility in Calgary. He has been going downhill ever since. I am his advocator for his care and his ability to cope with the debilitating disease. I serve on the family advisory group at the home, and the Brenda Strafford Foundation. I am always looking for additional resources for him and other dementia residents in the home. I picked up a copy of your magazine at the Safeway in my neighbourhood; I love the magazine and would love to share the valuable information. 

Shirley Wilson

Ardell Wilson passed away on Dec. 27, 2017.
Our condolences to his family.


Hello Lisa,

I just received my first edition of Dementia Connections. What an amazing effort you have put into this publication! On behalf of all caregivers of a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias, thank you!  

In future editions, I would love to see an article about the Memory PLUS program. It is an amazing 12-week program, funded through Calgary Health Trust, which has been a blessing to so many people — your parents and my husband and me, included. My husband and I also attended another 12-week course, provided through Alberta Health Services, at Care West, called “Living with Dementia.”  For we caregivers who are experiencing ambiguous loss, these programs have offered us a lifeline and hope. Another topic is ambiguous loss/grief.

Once again, congratulations on this significant achievement. Looking forward to the next edition.


Marilee Jasper

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